You aren’t alone if the thought of a vehicle driving itself seems a little scary. In fact, majority of people have said they wouldn’t feel safe riding in a self-driving vehicle. However, studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association show 94 percent of vehicle accidents are caused by human error. So, it sounds like we need to be worried about people driving cars, instead of cars driving themselves.

Luckily, cars everywhere have taken major advancements to help fight against this staggering statistic. Human error includes distracted driving, drunk driving, texting behind the wheel, and more. So, how do we combat that? With advanced safety features that help keep you focus on the road.

At David Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, near Wilmington, DE, most of our new vehicles come equipped with extensive safety packages and have the option to add on even more advanced features. However, which ones are best for you? Let’s look at a few of the ones you see most.

Hill Descent Assist: steadies your vehicle’s speed when you’re driving downhill

Hill Start Assist: helps keep your car from rolling backward down a hill

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: helps detect vehicles crossing behind you as you back up

Lane Departure Warning: alerts you as you are drifting out of your lane, as long as your lanes are clearly marked

Blind Spot Monitor: uses a light or sound to alert you when a vehicle is in your blind spot

Anti-Lock Braking System: helps restore traction to your tires and helps prevent your tires from locking up

Stop by our Glen Mills Dodge dealership or contact us to schedule a test drive. You’ll never look at driving the same again!