Snowy streets are slick and slippery. Try saying that three times fast. Difficult? Not as hard as driving in bad weather can be. Here are some safety tips from David Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM to make sure that you are safe this season on the road.

Prepare Your Vehicle for the Weather

Make sure your fuel tank is always at least half full when leaving the house, so you aren’t left stranded. Also, be sure to always allow your vehicle to properly heat before attempting to drive. You should completely clear your windshield of ice and snow as well. Check to be sure your windshield wiper fluid level is full as well since slushy streets always end up there.

Stop with Safety

An important tip for driving safely in the snow is to know your brakes. Brakes are already essential for normal driving, but especially when streets are slick. You should keep more distance from vehicles in front of you than normal and stop sooner when approaching stoplights and signs. That way, you don’t only avoid causing an accident, but you can stay back from other vehicles that have lost control.

Don’t Expect Too Much out of Your Vehicle

Most new vehicles are equipped for traveling in the snow. Safety features such as Snow Mode, traction control, and anti-lock brakes help keep you safe on any terrain. However, you shouldn’t rely on your vehicle’s added features. Some roads are just too treacherous, drifts too tall, or sightlines too blurry to take the risk. If you can avoid getting out in especially bad weather, avoid it! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Visit our Downington-area RAM dealership to make sure your vehicle is equipped for the roads this winter.