Are you searching for new parts for your car? If so, you might have trouble choosing between genuine OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Here at David Dodge Chrysler Jeep® RAM, we put together a quick guide on the differences between the two so you can make the most informed choice.

Aftermarket Parts vs. Genuine OEM Parts 

There are definite benefits and drawbacks to both aftermarket and genuine OEM parts. For example, the price of OEM parts is usually higher than the price of aftermarket parts, mostly because they’re sold by the direct manufacturer. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, can be sold online or by third-party sellers, so prices are usually lower. Though aftermarket parts save you money, quality is not guaranteed. Plus, since aftermarket parts are made by a different manufacturer, they may not fit with your vehicle, and even if they do fit, they can adversely affect your vehicle’s performance if they aren’t installed correctly. This is not the case with genuine OEM parts, since they’re specifically designed for your vehicle by your vehicle’s manufacturer. While aftermarket parts usually offer more styles and sizes to choose form, drivers run the risk of purchasing the wrong part. This won’t happen if you buy genuine OEM parts at our Glen Mills, PA service department, where our service technicians will personally help you choose the best parts for your vehicle. We can even install it for you at our car service center, so you can be sure it’s inserted correctly.

Where to Buy Genuine Car Parts 

Head down to your our dealership near Downington, PA today to check out our inventory of genuine OEM parts in our parts department. Our expert staff is highly knowledgeable and can help you find the right parts for your vehicle. We look forward to seeing you soon!