Driving may be an everyday activity, but sometimes we forget how potentially dangerous it can be if we’re not careful. Road hazards can impede our ability to drive, creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. It’s important to always be prepared and recognize potential road hazards before they happen, which is why we at David Dodge Chrysler Jeep® RAM want to tell you all about the most common road hazards and how you can avoid them during your travels.


If your commute takes place on busy city or residential streets, odds are you often share the road with cyclists. These commuters often ride in designated bike lanes or near parks and schools, so it’s important to remain extra alert in these types of areas. Make sure to give cyclists plenty of space on the road, in case one accidentally merges into your lane. Don’t forget to watch for their hand signals so you can avoid a collision.

Large Trucks

Cyclists may inhabit city and residential streets, but large trucks tend to dominate highways and expressways. Large vehicles usually aren’t a road hazard, but getting lost in their large blind spots can pose a serious threat to your safety. Remember to always drive directly in front of or behind a truck so they can see you. If you want to merge in front of a truck, always use your blinkers so the driver knows you’re coming.

It’s always difficult to predict when road hazards occur, so make sure you’re always prepared behind the wheel. If you ever find yourself in an accident caused by a road hazard, don’t hesitate to visit our service center in Glen Mills, PA. Our team of auto technicians won’t only repair your vehicle, but will also help you learn more about vehicle safety.